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IRS Representation

2014 IRS Representation Certification Program

Norwalk, CA September 01, 2014 – Emil Estafanous, CPA, CGMA completes the IRS Representation Certification Program.

The certificate was issued by CCH a Wolters Kluwer Business and the training was conducted by attorney Eric L. Green. The IRS Representation Certificate consist of 30 hours of studies designed to further enhance knowledge in representing tax payers before the IRS. The certificate studies focused on Collection and Statues of Limitations, Discharging Tax Payer Liens, Litigating IRS, IRS Audit Appeals and Installment Agreements, Offer and Compromise, Payroll and Trust Fund Penalty, Resolve Payroll Tax Liabilities, Innocent Spouse Relief, Criminal Tax Investigation, Stop IRS Judgment with Strategic IRS Filings, Representing Tax Payers in Tax Court, Bankruptcy, Criminal Tax Issues, Foreign Bank Account Reporting, and Bank Secrecy Act.